news Engcon introduces super-sized quick hitch

Tiltrotator manufacturer Engcon is bringing out its largest automatic hydraulic connector to date.

The EC-Oil 80 connector, about to go into production in Sweden, will allow large, high-flow tools to be quickly connected to excavators of up to 40 tonnes using the Q-Safe 80 quick hitch – without the operator leaving the cab.

This will make the Q-Safe 80 Engcon’s most powerful automatic quick hitch so far. The system will come with an EC-Oil 70 block, two ¾-inch connectors and connections for electrical power and central lubrication as standard, allowing automatic connection to Engcon’s tiltrotators with equivalent EC-Oil connectors.

The standard configuration will allow hydraulic flows of up to 250 litres through the Q-Safe 80 quick hitch. Where higher flow is needed, the EC-Oil 70 block can be replaced with an additional EC-Oil 80 block, two 1-inch hydraulic connectors, and ½-inch hydraulic connector and two electrical power connections to reach a flow of 300 litres, enabling the connection of large, high-flow hydraulic tools.

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“There is great demand for an automatic quick hitch for large excavators, as the large manual hydraulic connectors from ¾-inch upwards are heavy and difficult to handle,” said Engcon research and development manager Fredrik Jonsson. “EC-Oil 80 can transform connections for large excavators and tools, so that jumping in and out of the machine and struggling with awkward, pressurised, messy hydraulic connectors will be a thing of the past.”

Engcon began testing the prototype for the EC-Oil 80 in 2018. The model will be ready for full-scale production in the spring of 2019.

Automatic hydraulic oil connection to the quick hitch and tiltrotators will be available in sizes QS45 to QS80, and will come as standard with the purchase of a machine hitch, tiltrotator and DC2 control system.

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